Residential Organic Waste Program

PE05.12 - Residential Organic Waste Program

Studies indicate that about 25 percent of a typical household’s waste is composed of yard trimmings and food scraps. When these organics end up in landfills they produce methane, which is a short-lived but powerful greenhouse gas. Diverting this portion of the waste stream to either compost or to an anaerobic digester reduces the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated and cuts back on tipping fees for local governments.

Columbia County now has a food scrap program to help our residents and the community in reducing the amount of waste taken to the landfill!

Food Scraps

In April 2023 the Columbia County Solid Waste Department installed an EcoRich in-vessel composter at the Greenport, Newman Road transfer station that recycles food waste on site, without odors or pest problems, thereby reducing our dependency on landfills.

Learn more about this program by visiting the Solid Waste Dept. website.

Yard Waste

It's important to point out, the Food Scrap program is for food scraps only. It is not a full composting program. Due to space limitations the Greenport Transfer station can only accept small amounts of residential yard waste, which includes grass clippings, branches, leaves, and twigs.

They do not accept pickup loads, trailer loads, or dump truck loads. These should be taken to one of the many private companies located in and around Columbia County.

More information is on the Solid Waste Dept. website.