Climate Adaptation &
Resilience Plan

PE07.01, .02, &  .03 - Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Climate Resilience, & Climate Adaptation Plan

Columbia County, along with 15 other county municipalities, began the preparation of a Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan in August 2022 and has completed the project as of March 25, 2024. This planning process will fulfill up to three CSC Actions under Pledge Element 7. We are referring to this project as our Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan or CARP for short.

Development of these plans relied on technical assistance from Cornell Cooperative Extension on behalf of the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC) through a NYS DEC Climate Smart Communities Coordinator Services contract and Pilot Program.

The goal of these planning documents is to set the stage to create efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and increase coordination across the County.

Columbia County is Planning to Adapt to Climate Change

The CARP documents for all 17 of the participating municipalities and Columbia County are now done.

"These plans belong to your municipality and can be updated or revised as your community chooses.  We hope you do revisit and expand on these plans in the near future, especially during the Hazard Mitigation Planning process currently underway.  Our team has enjoyed working in Columbia County and hope the process and the plans have enhanced climate change resiliency in your community." ~ Audrey Kropp, CCE Columbia and Greene

You can download the Word or PDF versions of these plans by visiting the online folders below:

Public Educational Webinar

Led by Audrey Kropp, the CARP team held a Public Educational Webinar on June 28th 2023. This webinar provided education on climate adaptation planning and the impacts of climate change, as well as information about the Columbia County CARP process. Audrey also announced the first of two more public surveys which will help to gather input for the Story of Place and Vulnerability Assessment components of the CARP. You can watch the recorded webinar here:

There were some technical issues at the beginning and end of the webinar so the recording starts a couple slides in and the audio at the end goes in and out at minute 52 and 54.

The following Columbia County Municipalities signed on to participate in this project: