Climate Adaptation &
Resiliency Plan

PE07.01, .02, &  .03 - Climate Vulnerability Assessment, Climate Resilience, & Climate Adaptation Plan

Columbia County has pledged to take part in the NYS DEC  Climate Smart Communities Certification Program, and is now embarking on the preparation of a Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Adaptation Plan. This planning process is intended to fulfill at least two CSC Actions under Pledge Element 7, and we are referring to it as a Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Plan or CARP for short.

This plan will rely on technical assistance from Cornell Cooperative Extension on behalf of the Capital District Regional Planning Commission (CDRPC) through a NYS DEC Climate Smart Communities Coordinator Services contract and Pilot Program.

The planning document will set the stage to create efficiencies, reduce redundancies, and increase coordination across the County.

Every municipality in the county may opt to participate!

Columbia County is Planning to Adapt to Climate Change

Story of Place and Vulnerability Survey

Columbia County residents are invited to take a public survey

As Columbia County continues creating a Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan, we need your input. Please fill out the short survey we’ve linked to below and tell us about what community assets and environmental impacts are important to you, what hazards you have experienced, and what is at risk in your community.

Help build a brighter and better Columbia County today!

Take the Columbia County Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Plan Survey

If your organization is interested in promoting this survey you can download and distribute a printable poster.

A paper version of the survey can be printed for use at your event. Please let Audrey Kropp know what events you plan to table with the survey so she can make arrangements to collect the completed paper surveys.

Public Educational Webinar

Led by Audrey Kropp, the CARP team held a Public Educational Webinar on June 28th 2023. This webinar provided education on climate adaptation planning and the impacts of climate change, as well as information about the Columbia County CARP process. Audrey also announced the first of two more public surveys which will help to gather input for the Story of Place and Vulnerability Assessment components of the CARP. You can watch the recorded webinar here:

There were some technical issues at the beginning and end of the webinar so the recording starts a couple slides in and the audio at the end goes in and out at minute 52 and 54.

The following Columbia County Municipalities have signed on to participate in this campaign: